Made By: IDDQD.

This is a custom firmware version of the TF8 extension controller. Eight high quality, non detent (smooth & silent) trim knobs that can be used as an attachment for Sound Devices CL12, Sonosax LC8+ or any other fader controller that lacks trim pots.
Two banks, ch 1-8 and ch 9-16 (9-12 for 833)

User manual:

  • Plug and power via 8-series USB A through a hub together with other controllers. No setup required.
  • Press encoder for PFL
  • LED will light either red (bank 1) or green (bank 2)
  • Long press any encoder to toggle between banks

Dimensions, weight L x W x H
156 x 24 x 28 (41 mm including knobs) mm
6.14 x 0.94 x 1.1 (1.6 including knobs) inches

USB cable (fixed inside the unit) length 44 cm / 17 inches

Enclosure material: Black carbon fiber PETG

Weight: 124 grams / 0.273 pounds

Trim values are saved through a power cycle for ch 9-16 and overwritten by physical 8 series trim knobs for ch 1-8