International Warranty Repair

Q: Does Sound Devices still cover me for warranty/servicing if I purchase in the U.S. but reside and use my Sound Devices equipment in another country, such as Australia?

I need to know this as I am purchasing a 744T and 442 in the U.S. while there on business but I live and work in Australia. Am I still covered under warranty? Can my products be serviced or repaired in Australia or will I need to ship back to the U.S.?

A: No matter where Sound Devices products are purchased, we will honor the warranty and repair any warranty-related items at no-charge. Please note, however, that if you purchase an item through a U.S. reseller, we will take responsibility for no-charge shipping back to destinations only in the U.S. We do not cover any duty or freight costs if a U.S.-purchased item is sent to us from outside the States.

In your specific case, our Australian resellers will take no responsibility for your Sound Devices products. Any updates, repairs, etc. would need to be handled directly with the factory in the States, with shipping and duty being your responsibility.

Please take a look at Sound Devices' Reseller/distributor list to purchase in your local market.