Libby, Matt, Jon, Jim – early days

“Before long, Brad Lovett decided to exit, and Jim Koomar and I both uprooted and moved from Chicago to Reedsburg, WI. There we established Sound Devices’ manufacturing division in a rented space within a company owned by the angel investor. We met Libby, who worked at said company, and hired her as our first employee (later Jim and Libby got married – our first SD marriage!). Libby has a math degree but turned out to be brilliant at mechanical engineering, and she replaced Brad Lovett as my primary engineering partner in crime. Jim, Libby, and I were the ‘three musketeers’ who set up all of the original manufacturing, and heavily collaborated on the design of the original products. Later on, Jon moved north to Wisconsin as well, and the four of us worked on all aspects of the business, designing products, finding and visiting vendors, talking to potential customers, creating ads, establishing a reseller network, setting up tradeshows, hiring employees, and everything else needed to get a company going. After many years of hard work and meticulous attention to detail, we designed many groundbreaking products (more on these in subsequent posts), and attracted and gained the trust of many customers. Slowly but surely, we became more well known, turned a profit, paid back the seed money, and bought our own 30,000-square-foot manufacturing building down the road from our original rented place in Reedsburg…”