MixPre v9.00 Firmware

Download v9.00


  • Support for 2-instance NoiseAssist plugin for the MixPre-Series II. The new 2-instance plugin is available from the Sound Devices Online Store. 
  • Support for +2ch plugin for the MixPre-3 (Series I and II). Turns the MixPre-3 from a 3-channel/5-track into a 5-channel/7-track recorder by adding mixable and recordable channels 4 and 5. The +2ch plugin is available from the Sound Devices Online Store. 
  • Added the ability to have both timecode and audio output on the Stereo Out 3.5mm connector (MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6 II only) 
  • Added a full slate mic routing matrix to the MixPre-10. 
  • Added Headphone + Ch1 knob and Headphone + Ch2 knob shortcuts to allow quick access to the extra channel settings (Ch 5&6 on MixPre-6, Ch 9&10 on MixPre-10, Ch 4&5 on MixPre-3 with +2ch plugin installed) 
  • Added adjustable virtual faders for channels 5,6 (MixPre-6), channels 9,10 (MixPre-10, and channels 4,5 (MixPre-3 with optional +2ch plugin). 
  • Extra channels can now be sourced from any Aux or USB input. 


  • Aux input gains changing after playback or a power cycle, no longer occur. 
  • With a controller connected, a channel no longer shows Low Cut as ‘200Hz’ when set to 160 Hz.