MixPre v9.01 Firmware

Download v9.01


  • Added the ability to have audio on Aux In 1 and timecode on Aux In 2 or vice versa.


  • ISOs set to MS linking when in Custom Mode are no longer MS decoded in Mix Only Mode after a power cycle.
  • Limiter settings now persist over a power cycle (MixPre Series II).
  • Activating the slate mic no longer mutes channels that are not routed in the Slate Routing menu.
  • In Musicians mode, tracks 5/6 no longer playback to the LR mix regardless of their fader position (Only MixPres with Musicians Plugin installed).
  • Aux In Mode>Timecode Aux In 1 is no longer hidden (MixPre-3, 6 Series I only)
  • In Ambisonics mode, the binaural meters now work correctly (MixPre-6 I and II with Ambisonics plugin only).
  • In Custom mode, USB Outputs no longer get set to Track L after a power cycle.