MixPre Series ASIO Driver Download

Download Firmware

An ASIO® driver (v) for the MixPre Series by Ploytec is now available for download.

With USB Audio Class 1 devices — that is, Windows-based computers without an ASIO driver — the MixPre Series audio recorders are capable of sending two channels of audio (L, R) and receiving two channels of audio via USB to/from the computer.

This software driver adds ASIO support in Windows OS for the MixPre-6 and/or MixPre-3. With the ASIO driver installed, Windows-based computers become USB Audio Class 2 devices, which means the MixPre-6 can send eight channels (1-6, L, R) to the computer and receive four channels from the computer via USB, while the MixPre-3 can send five in and receive two out. The ASIO driver for the MixPre Series allows for low-latency operation and max sample rate for USB audio up to 96 kHz on Windows computers. This driver supports Windows 7 and later, both 32- and 64-bit versions.

For stable performance, Sound Devices highly recommends that your Windows computer is installed with the latest Intel USB drivers even if your computer is not Intel based. These drivers are not included in Windows automatic updates. For details on how to manually install these drivers, refer to this Technical Document.