MP6-SL2 Mount

Made by: Dhun Designs.

The MP6-SL2 is an integrated mount for a MixPre-6 which distributes audio and power via the DB25 connectors on the bottom of most major two-channel receivers.

The MP6-SL is a dashboard style solution that was designed to be as compact as possible. It allows users to seamlessly integrate and switch different receivers in and out of the MixPre-6 without needing to reach into the bag and mess around with cables and connectors.

No more changing your DB25 superslot plate when switching receivers between cart or bag rigs!


Audio distribution

  • via 4x TA3 Outputs allowing for quick swapping of cables if there is a fault.

Power distribution outputs

  • On 2x Hirose 4 pin connectors
  • Allows a single loop out for the MixPre-6 and a spare Hirose for powering auxiliary devices like links

Power Input

  • A single Hirose 4-pin connector distributes power to all devices negating the need for a distro or multiple cables.

Optional Cable Pack


  • 4x Ta3 to XLR Right angle cables (All black caps)
  • 1x Hirose 4 to Hirose 4 (please specify if you’d prefer a longer cable for the Sound Devices right side power entry)