MS Stereo with 442 & 302 Mixers

Both the 442 and 302 field mixers can decode MS stereo microphone signals. Depending on your workflow you can decide to decode the MS stereo signal in one of two ways:

At the Inputs

By engaging the stereo link on the inputs, an MS microphone signal is encoded at the inputs and its signal will pass to the outputs and headphones as L/R stereo. In this setup no further processing of the stereo signal is needed when it reaches the camera or recorder. The mixer operator will monitor the audio signal in the ST-ereo, L-only, R-only, or M-ono position as needed on the rotary headphone selection switch. Do not select MS for headphone monitoring since the MS encoder has already encoded the signal to L/R stereo prior to the outputs and headphone monitor circuit.

MS to Headphones-Only

By selecting the MS stereo monitor position on the rotary headphone selection switch without linking inputs the operator can record the discrete signals from an MS microphone while monitoring the correct L/R stereo signal in headphones. This is useful when post-production will make the determination of stereo spread.

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