Navigation of Menus by Sightless (Blind) Users

Q: I'm a blind technician. Most digital recorders can't be used by people with a visually handicap. The design of the buttons on the recorders is really wonderful and made for tactile use. So, I can work with the basic functions of the Sound Device recorders properly. The record-priority function and is a very helpful functionality. I would like you to ask you, if it is possible to make the screen information, the menu structure and the file naming and file transfer accessible for visually handicapped users by adding a speech synthesizer to the operating system. A: We designed a few navigation functions of the unit to simplify operation for sightless users. We have several blind users, one of who was an early adopter and on our beta test team. One key menu navigation feature is that the menu will always return to the first entry when the play key is pressed when in the Setup Menu. Also, the Rotary Encoder on the right-side panel will always increment one menu selection at a time, no matter how fast it is turned. These help a sightless user know where they are in the menu.