Optimizing the 688 for use with SL-6

During the final testing stage of the SL-6, we identified that when paired with some existing 688 Mixer/Recorders, low levels of RF can be emitted from the 688. This may result in reduced range of wireless microphone systems and/or available clear frequencies.

The identified 688s can still be used as is with the SL-6; however, users may notice low-level RF on certain frequencies during scans. As with any occupied frequency, these frequencies can be avoided. Therefore, to provide you with the utmost performance in the field, we are offering a modification for affected units.

Note: If you are not using the SL-6, then no action is necessary; the respective 688s only exhibit this behavior when connected to an SL-6. If you do not plan to use the SL-6 Powering and Wireless System, you can continue to use your 688 as clearly and reliably as always.

NEXT STEPS: UPDATING YOUR 688 If your unit has a serial number in the range of NR0115022000 to NR0215134010, or was shipped from Sound Devices between March 1, 2015 thru June 23, 2015, and you are looking to add the SL-6 to your kit, we recommend sending your unit in for quick turnaround modification.

To arrange for an update please contact your local Distributor or Reseller. You are also welcome to contact us directly:

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