PIX 260i v2.33


  • Implemented RS-422 Servo Lock Status Bit to support transport control from more DAWs and NLEs.


  • Updated Dante Brooklyn II Firmware to


  • Jumping to cue points within WAV files sometimes terminated playback and produce ‘Unable to play this file” error messages.
  • Audio and video went out of sync when skipping to the beginning of a Non-Native DNxHD file.
  • Audio level increased when locating to cue markers during playback of WAV files.
  • Sometimes failed to appear as a Dante Device in the Audio Source List after disconnecting and reconnecting ethernet.

Known Issues

The list below are the published Known Issues for the latest PIX 260i Firmware

  • If units are grouped for “Play All” playback, they can potentially fall out of sync.  In the event this occurs either pause the file, then resume playback, or restart the file.
  • When a 1080PsF 10-bit incoming signal scaled and recorded to Standard Def is played then stopped, the image shown on the LCD is incorrect and the Video Input OSD field shows the signal as 12-bit. The problem is cleared by toggling the input video off/on or replugging the video input cable.