PIX-270i Firmware v2.20


  • All metadata edits ripple to grouped units for previous, current and next takes including scene, take, notes, track names, circle status, false take and scene increments. This signifies the most comprehensive and advanced sharing of metadata between a master recorder and its backup, making the backup recorder a true mirror of the master.
  • Create and download sound reports (.csv) directly from within PIXNET making it easy to email directly from a computer or other browser enabled device.
  • Ability to play multichannel .wav files recorded using other applications/devices e.g. 6-series, 7-series, Protools, Adobe Audition, Audacity etc.
  • False Takes Directory. False takes are now sent to a False Take folder instead of being deleted.
  • PIXNET Phrase List Manager. Manage your phrase lists directly from PIXNET.
  • PIXNET False Take command.
  • Remaining Time playback display option. Choose Normal or Remaining Time from the Menu>System>Playback ABS display menu.
  • Adjustable Meter Peak Hold Time (0-5 secs).
  • Fast Track Arming in Audio Screen using FILES + Encoder Press shortcut.
  • Fast Headphone Soloing in Audio Screen using encoder to scroll between tracks once in Solo Mode (Audio + LCD).
  • Grayed out meters for easy identification of disarmed tracks.
  • New Dante Settings menu for configuring Dante redundancy, primary, and secondary IP parameters.
  • DC In Voltage display.
  • System warnings now trigger GPIO outputs.
  • Support for playing back PIX-E5(H) Apple ProRes 422 and 4444 files.
  • Ability to adjust video playback horizontal and vertical sync timing. It is now possible to adjust the timing offset of video playback from the incoming sync input. Two new menus:
    (a) Menu>Timecode/Sync> H Sync offset – allows user to set horizontal system timing by pixels.
    (b) Menu>Timecode/Sync> V Sync Offset – allows user to set vertical system timing by lines.
  • New Sync Ref – Video Playback option – Sync In (PB). Video output is synchronous with SYNC IN during playback and stop. In stop mode, black is output from the SDI and HDMI outputs. This mode maintains a glitch-free synchronous output when switching between stop and playback.
  • Seamless playback of video and audio across files. Ideal for playback of file split recordings or playlists. Requires that the files are of the same file res/rate and codec.
  • Ability to playback ProRes4444 files that contain an alpha channel.
  • New Noise Reduction option in the Video menu, subtly reduces noise in incoming video signal.


  • Updated version of Dante hardware (Brooklyn II) firmware to v3.8.0.24
  • Faster Ethernet File Transfer
  • Added notifications to alert user that a drive has not been formatted by the PIX or 970 and if there has been a drive error at start of recording
  • Improvements to grouping reliability especially when using static IPs
  • General improvements in handling Dante stream assignments and events
  • Support for playback of non-native ProRes and DNxHD QuickTime .mov files with up to 16 audio streams from NLEs including Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premier
  • Audio screen’s track highlight change to make it easier to see if a track is armed
  • LTC embedded in line 10 and VITC in lines 9 and 571 of SDI stream


  • Fixed a very rare AV offset issue resulting in audio leading video by a few seconds
  • Rare image complexity issues that could cause dropped or corrupt frames
  • Added GPIO debounce to prevent static inadvertently stopping recording
  • Occasionally upon network interruption and reconnection, track sources were losing their Dante stream assignments
  • Network interruption on one of the networks in Dante Redundancy mode could cause track sources lose their Dante stream assignments
  • Intermittent auto-muting of Dante channels after rebooting PIX
  • Prevented Audio Mode media errors taking other drives out of record
  • Drive Too Slow errors when recording poly audio files
  • Ext TC loop thru causing PIXNET flashing, drive activity and pre-roll to stop functioning when switching between 29.97 and 23.98 frame rates
  • If next scene is different from current scene, changing the take number on the current take should not increment the next take’s take number.
  • Parity generation issue on the MADI Output
  • Playback of fragmented files is improved.
  • Various PIXNET bugs