PIX-270i Firmware v2.32


  • Support for Dante v3.10, including the following features:
    • Supports Dante Lock via Dante Controller
    • Detection and display of locked Dante devices in Audio Screen > Input Source


  • Intermittent half second offsets between audio content and timecode stamp with WAV files.
  • When various areas of the User Interface are displayed recording is prevented.
  • Intermittent issue where audio doesn’t recover and turns to digital hash after making a switch from a video switcher.
  • Word Clock In and Out alignment issue.
  • Improved A/V sync of HDMI and SDI Out during Playback of MOV files.
  • Improved A/V sync after Pause, Fast-Forward, Rewind, shuttle, and jog events.
  • WAV Poly files created by Sound Devices Wave Agent do not playback.
  • Audio and timecode offset during playback of WAV files when initiated from File List.
  • Sound Report File Name contains extra zeros when Reel name was 4-5 characters.
  • Not all Sample Rates shown in Dante Controller are available on the PIX/970 recorder.