Policy Regarding Communication on Product Development

Sound Devices and Video Devices products have gained widespread popularity in the Film, Broadcast, and Video Production industries for many reasons:

  • Superior build quality
  • Exceptional audio and video performance
  • Extensive range of features
  • Fast and intuitive control
  • Phenomenal global technical support
  • We truly value you, our customers
  • We listen!

We love learning from you and understanding your challenges. Helping you achieve your creative best is what drives us each and every day.

Our products have evolved into the great products they are today in large part due to our users’ feature requests. Without your feedback, developing cool new features that are both necessary and helpful would be like shooting in the dark! We cherish this close collaboration with you; this is and will always remain a top company priority.

So, keep those ideas coming, but please understand that our policy is to not talk about any future features or products. We simply cannot promise, imply, nudge, or wink that we are going to update firmware to add {insert wanted feature here} or that we’re going to come out with {add desired product here}.

Any and all feature/product requests are added to a large funnel of ideas that help inform future firmware and hardware development. Please know, we do take all of your input into consideration. However, the reality is not all ideas will come to fruition, due to numerous factors. We hope you understand.

While we have a rich history of updating firmware on existing products, we strongly encourage users to make purchasing decisions based on what our products do today.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Sound Devices, LLC team