Power Supply and AC Power Cord for 7-Series Recorders

Beginning October 2007, the included AC power supply for the 7-Series recorders was revised to an improved, in-line, grounded supply. The new power supply, like the original power supply, is designed for worldwide operation, accepting 100-240 VAC at 50/60 Hz. Unlike the original supply, this new supply uses a detachable power cord. From the factory, 7-Series recorders and the XL-WPH2 include a power cord appropriate for operation in the U.S. No other cords or adapters are included. Many of our international distributors localize the unit by including the appropriate, localized IEC power cord. Because the power supply can operate over a wide range of voltages, simply substituting the power cord with a localized IEC power cord is all that is necessary for the unit to be ready for powering anywhere.