Purchasing Sound Devices Demo Stock

Q: I will be coming to Las Vegas for the NAB show this Spring and want to know if I can purchase one of your demo units after the show. You don't really want to ship that stuff back to Wisconsin, do you?

A: Sound Devices does not sell directly to end-users. We have a superb reseller/distributor network, who have the mechanism and resources for end-user sales. As far as demo units, they are used for media review and trade shows. These demo units are Sound Devices property and are not available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing at NAB, several of our U.S. resellers exhibit at the show. Please stop by our booth so we can point them out to you.

As far as buying something directly from the NAB show floor, resellers make their own choice whether to do this. You shouldn't expect a reseller to hand you an item sold to you at the show directly out of their booth. Doing this would mean that the sales transaction happened in the State of Nevada, requiring the reseller to collect Nevada state sales tax for your transaction and to file a sales tax return in Nevada. Few companies are set up to do this.