Saving a Setup File on 7-Series Recorders

7-Series recorders have the ability to save a user-defined Setup File. This Setup File includes all settings selected in the menu and can be saved to the recorder's internal hard drive or to a CompactFlash card.

To save a Setup File to CompactFlash card:

  1. Enter the Setup Menu by pressing the MENU button on the front panel of the recorder. The first menu option is QUICK SETUP.
  2. Go into QUICK SETUP and scroll down until you see the option Save User To CF.
  3. Insert any size CompactFlash card (a spare small-capacity card is useful) and select >Save User to CF.

Once finished the present settings are now saved to the CF card, ready to be reloaded in the event your settings change and you need to quickly get back to them.

To load your settings:

  1. Insert the CF with your settings file and go back into Quick Setup.
  2. Choose >Load User from CF. Once it is finished your settings will be restored.

Keep in mind you can have multiple setup files, but they each need to exist on a different CF card. This is because the 7-series saves Setup Files with the same filename, so putting a second setup file on a Compact Flash card will overwrite the first.

You can also save your setup file to the internal hard drive by selecting the Save User to INHDD option in th Quick Setup menu. If settings are changed, you can revert to your setup file via Load User from INHDD.