Scorpio Firmware v1.20

Download v1.20


  • Support for Sound Devices SL-6 Powering and Wireless System, connected via SL-Riser. The following SuperSlot receivers are supported:
    • Audio Ltd A10-RX
    • Lectrosonics SRb, SRc, SRc-941
    • Wisycom MCR42
  • Folder or File Copy from one media to another.
  • SD-Remote Take List support.
  • Headphone clip indication via the Menu button. The button turns red when headphone circuit is clipping. 
  • Front panel shortcut for selecting the Playback Drive. HP + Play toggles Playback Drive. 
  • Extended battery charging options: Always, When Power Off, When Power On, Disabled. Note: Battery charging not available when SL-6 is on. Batteries can be charged when DC is applied only via the Scorpio.
  • Channel Group enable/disable function.
  • Delete files and folders from File List.
  • Virtual QWERTY keyboard “@” symbol useful for filling in email addresses in Sound Reports Info. 
  • Added support for up to four AES42 signals: two via XLR 1 and two via XLR 6. Particularly useful for users of the Schoeps SuperCMIT digital shotgun mic.
  • Timecode Calibration function in Menu > System. Enables tuning to an external timecode source for zero drift timecode.
  • Sticky Notes feature: when enabled, notes persist to subsequent takes.
  • Alternative shortcut options on Icon Platform M+ to prevent accidental arming of tracks. Access new menu at Menu > Controllers Menu > Icon Arming, with options Arm Button Only (default) or Shift + Arm Button. 
  • Option for the Icon D2 to show or hide fader gains while fader is adjusted. Access new menu at Menu > Controller Menu > Display Ch > Fader Gains, with options On (default) or Off. 
  • Display of Next Take name on Icon D2 when pressing and holding Stop in standby mode.
  • Icon Platform M+ jog wheel can now control scrub and shuttle functionality during playback. Press right zoom button to set jog wheel to HP encoder emulation, then press and hold jog wheel for >0.5s.
  • Additional front panel shortcuts:
    Menu Favorites: Hold Menu and PFL 1-12 to access Menu Favorites 1-12.
    Assign Menu favorites in Menu > System > Menu + PFL Switch Action. Meter Range: Hold Meter, then rotate HP encoder to change displayed meter range to 50 dB, 40 dB, or 20 dB.
    SL-6 Receiver Overview Screen: Hold Meter, then press HP encoder to access the SL-6 Receiver Overview screen.
  • The Icon Platform M+ Com 1 and Com 2 buttons will remain illuminated while active. 


  • Arming a track during record now adds an alpha character suffix to the file name rather than incrementing the take number.
  • Menu > System > Version Info now includes unit serial number. 
  • Icon D2 now displays Scorpio Off when the Scorpio is powered down while connected to the Icon Platform M+ and D2.
  • USB-A now provides up to 1.5 A current if the connected device allows. This helps to reduce the likelihood of connected tablets discharging while connected to Scorpio.
  • Record is now prevented when Scorpio is in the process of locking to an external sync source. 
  • Sync reference source is now used as clock source during playback.
  • Takes 1-9 now use a two digit format. For example, T01.WAV – T09.WAV. 
  • Tape metadata field is now populated with record folder name. Set record folder type to Custom to add custom tape metadata.
  • Metadata entered from Channel Screens, the Scene Increment shortcut, or from SD-Remote now edits the most recent entry rather than creating a new entry. 
  • Warning popup now appears when the limit of entries in a list has been exceeded.


  • Rare occurrence of stuck limiter indication has been resolved.
  • Take numbers now properly reset following a folder change (including daily folders).
  • Intermittent 24 hour timecode issue where the value was improperly generated from the time of day clock after playback has been eliminated. 
  • Channel screen navigation when using USB Keyboard up and down arrows is no longer reversed.
  • Various performance improvements.

Known Issues

(to be addressed in an upcoming firmware release)

  • Audio Ltd A10-RX: RF scan graphical display is drawn with missing pixels. 
  • Wisycom MCR-42: Group Scan option on RX screen instigates a normal scan rather than a group scan. Normal RF scanning works correctly.