Scorpio v2.10

Download v2.10


  • Support for the 833 Portable Compact Mixer-Recorder.
  • Channel Screen Navigation from Icon Platform B+, Behringer X-TOUCH, and Mackie MCU Pro USB Controllers. Inputs button enters the channel screen. Button remains illuminated while in the channel screen. Navigation in the channel screen is as follows:
    • Up: navigates the same way as jog wheel counter-clockwise turn.
    • Down: navigates the same way as jog wheel clockwise turn.
    • Right: toggles selection. 
    • Left: exits to previous screen.
  • Support for SD-Remote v2.10.


  • USB control is now disabled while updating firmware.
  • Icon X+ now displays next take when pressing and holding Stop on the Icon Platform M+.


  • Channel Groups are now cleared after restoring factory default settings. 
  • Screenshot images now include popup message boxes. 
  • Linked channel metering in the channel screen no longer freezes when changing pre- or post-fade routing to track. 
  • Scorpio no longer displays inaccurate frequencies when using an Audio Ltd A10-RX with TV Channel Map set to Y.
  • Scorpio no longer prevents scrolling above TV sub-channel eight when using an Audio Ltd A10-RX.
  • Files that have been deleted by sending a folder to trash no longer appear in the Take List. 
  • Playback tracks are now properly aligned. 
  • Various performance improvements.