Smart Battery Distribution System

Made by: Avington.

Smart Battery Distribution System for Sound Devices 833 and 888

This is a smart battery slot-in holder with ten power outputs, one on TA4 carrying smart battery data, in two groups with main and subgroup switches.  There’s a colour display showing battery time remaining as well as battery wear data.  This is screwed to your Sound Devices unit adding only 31mm to the depth. 

  • Enables rapid battery swaps
  • Battery remaining run time displayed
  • Battery charge percentage shown
  • Battery cycles and depletion percentage shown in startup
  • Smart battery data passed on to your mixer
  • Main switch controls all outputs with a sub switch also controlling half of the outputs
  • Nine Hirose outputs and one TA4 flying lead output 
  • Screws to the Sound Devices unit
  • 11.3 (320g) weight and 5A (70 watt) self resetting fused 

The Smart Battery Distributor combines a battery holder and battery distribution system (BDS) all in one with a data screen that gives running time and battery condition information.  All battery data is passed on to the mixer.  The unit screws to the two top lugs of a Sound Devices unit providing a secure and tidy setup for your bag or trolley.  

There is no other device currently on the market that tells you how worn out your batteries are.