Software Applications Supporting Markers and Cues

Question: What software applications have the ability to recognize the cue markers settable on the 7-series recorders?

Answer: We have tested and verified that the software applications below recognized the recorded cue markers set by the 7-series recorders.

Applications Supporting Markers:

  • Sony -- Sound Forge 6+, Vegas 4+
  • Syntrillium Cool Edit, Win
  • Adobe Audition, Win
  • BWF Widget, Win -- our friend Courtney
  • Audiofile Engineering -- Wave Editor
  • Twistedwave editor
  • Reaper

Applications which presently do not support 7-Series cue markers:

  • Digidesign -- Pro Tools, Windows and Mac
  • Cakewalk Sonar, Win
  • Steinberg Cubase, Win and Mac
  • Audacity, Win and Mac
  • Bias Peak, Mac
  • Logic, Mac

Special Note regarding Pro Tools: Marker information in Pro Tools is not associated with the WAV file. Cues/markers are stored in a separate database file. Pro Tools markers are time-position markers that point to a position in the time-line not a position in a sound file.