Sound Devices and DK Capital Announce Financing Program

The location sound industry is currently facing one of the most difficult periods in its history due to the strike affecting much of the industry. As a way to help support the sound community now and into the future, Sound Devices is partnering with DK Capital to offer a financing program in the United States for its products. With 90-day deferred payments, no money down, and negotiable repayment plans, the program can help people get back on their feet when filming resumes.  

To use the program, a customer would need to obtain a quote for gear that costs between $5,000 to $200,000 from a certified Sound Devices reseller, fill out a one-page form on DK Capital’s website, and submit bank statements. DK Capital will conduct a credit check and determine within 24 hours if the customer qualifies. Then the company would set up a payment plan with the customer and pay the reseller via wire transfer.  

“At Sound Devices, we understand that the strike affects many people these days,” says Sound Devices CEO Matt Anderson. “That’s why we are grateful to be able to partner with DK Capital to offer this financing program. It gives customers a sensible way to upgrade or access new systems that will help them get back to doing the work they love.”  

More information about the program is available at