Sound Devices Announces +4 Plugin for 833 Mixer-Recorder

REEDSBURG, WIS., DECEMBER 7, 2021 – Sound Devices announced the release of the +4 Plugin, which adds four fully-featured ISO channels/record tracks to the 833. With the plugin installed, the 833 becomes a 12 channel, 16 track mixer-recorder. The +4 Plugin for 833 is available for purchase from

The additional channels provided by the +4 Plugin can accept any input source and be routed to the main mix bus, additional buses, and any output. Like the original 8 channels, any effect can be applied, including Automix, NoiseAssist, CEDAR sdnx, EQ, and compression.

“As productions require more multichannel wireless on set, having the required channel count is essential,” said Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design. “The 833 is already an extremely capable mixer-recorder for its size. The addition of four fully-featured channels with the +4 Plugin allows sound professionals to take advantage of up to 8 channels of wireless via the SL-2, plus the analog, AES, or USB inputs.”

“Additionally,” Paul added, “The extra channels offered by the plugin can be used for redundancy. Up to 6 unprocessed and 6 processed tracks can be recorded simultaneously.”

The +4 Plugin requires 8-Series and SD-Remote v8.80 or higher to run. Firmware v8.80 introduces other exciting features, such as the long-anticipated CL-16 support for the 833, channel copy for Scorpio channels 17-32, a new Power Source icon for SD-Remote, and more.

More information about the +4 Plugin is available at Sound Devices’ online store:

Sound professionals can view a full change list for firmware v8.80 and upgrade their 8-Series mixer-recorder and SD-Remote by visiting and

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