Sound Devices Announces New Home Appliance Brand, Home Devices

April Fools!

REEDSBURG, WI, APRIL 1, 2019 – Sound Devices unexpectedly announces daughter brand Home Devices, specializing in home appliances. The company is best known for being a leading manufacturer of portable professional audio mixers and recorders. Sound Devices products are used all over the world, on the sets of your favorite TV shows and movies, on the sidelines of your favorite sporting events, in the most remote locations, and soon, your kitchen.

Home Devices has an entire line of home products planned, but the first to market will be a line of individual serving Coffee Makers with Integrated Audio Recorders called the BrewPre. The BrewPre is manufactured with the same exceptional build quality and usability that Sound Devices is known for. The product line consists of five models each identified by the serving size (in ounces) each brew produces. The BrewPre-4, -6, -8, and -16 will be available world-wide. US consumers will have exclusive access to the BrewPre-20.

Why integrate an audio recorder with a home coffee maker? Morning thoughts and conversations are often the best the day will yield, yet often go uncaptured. Not anymore. BrewPre’s built-in audio recorder automatically starts recording at 64 bit, 384 kHz RF-64 files the moment brewing is initiated. Gain is automatically adjusted so BrewPre users can keep their hands warming on their piping-hot coffee mugs filled with freshly brewed Kopi Luwak.

The BrewPre has four built-in microphone capsules precisely arranged in an ambisonics array. Simultaneously BrewPre records AmbiX, FuMa, LR Stereo, and LR Binaural to three ultra-secure 5” floppy disks. Binaural stereo signal is streamed over Bluetooth 5.0 to your choice of headphones.

“After so many of our product announcements we would hear, ‘Will it make me my coffee?’ Initially we would laugh at this but the frequency of this response kept me up at night,” said Matt Anderson, the President and CEO of Sound Devices, and 47 cup-a-day espresso drinker. “We have a long history of listening to our customers and designing products that suit their needs. The decision felt natural, as the only thing we love more than audio is caffeine. Our next hurdle will be the challenge of adding the cup holder we’ve been asked about.”

Sound Devices customers need not worry, as the company ensures they remain dedicated to serving their core market of Production Sound. An exciting future lies ahead as Sound Devices and Home Devices merge their technologies. The BrewPre hits markets Fall of 2019.

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