Sound Devices Brings Latest in Production Audio to NAB 2016

The 688 mixer/recorder with the SL-6 and CL-12 accessories offers superior power, performance, and versatility.

LAS VEGAS, MARCH 7, 2016 — Sound Devices will showcase its latest audio product releases at NAB 2016 (Booth C6040). Out on the market for less than a year, the 688 12-input, 16-track portable mixer/recorder is joined by a pair of new innovative accessories: the optional SL-6 powering and wireless system, and the CL-12 linear fader controller. When deployed in the field, the 688 plus the SL-6 and CL-12 bring crucial versatility to the sound mixer’s toolkit. Using the 688 with the SL-6 provides streamlined powering and wireless control, while the CL-12, which integrates with any 6-Series mixer/recorder, enables easy transition to cart-based workflows.

“Today’s audio professionals face greater expectations for more mics, feeds, and audio channels, amidst tighter time constraints and fast-paced schedules,” says Matt Anderson, CEO of Sound Devices, LLC. “The 688 and SL-6 combine with slot-in receivers to provide unprecedented powering and wireless control, while nearly eliminating all excess cables in a sound mixer’s bag. Now, add the CL-12 to the 688, and the portable mixer instantly becomes a fully cohesive cart-based audio recording system with expanded mixing capabilities. The 688 system’s ability to rapidly transform from bag to cart, and back again, makes it the perfect investment for audio professionals, especially those who need high-quality tools that can adapt to a challenging, ever-changing industry.”

The 688 takes the finest aspects of previous Sound Devices mixers and recorders, and creatively combines them with new technology for an unrivaled audio product. The 688 is the first 6-Series mixer/recorder to incorporate Sound Devices’ MixAssist™ technology. MixAssist uses the industry’s most sophisticated algorithm to automatically attenuate inactive input levels and maintain consistent background levels, regardless of the number of open mics. The 688 features six high-bandwidth mic/line XLR inputs, each complete with phantom power, high-pass filter, analog input limiter and variable pan, plus six additional line-level TA3 inputs for added flexibility in complex productions. All inputs are assignable, pre- or post-fade, to eight-output buses: left/right plus Aux 1-6. The main left/right mix is available to three outputs simultaneously via transformer-balanced XLR and Hirose outputs.

For recording, the 688 offers 16-track, polyphonic or monophonic broadcast WAV and MP3 file recording to SD and CompactFlash® cards. All common sampling rates are supported, including 192 kHz on up to six tracks. The 688 features comprehensive metadata editing, sound report creation, an Ambient™ timecode generator and reader, two-second power-on-to-record ability called QuickBoot™, and PowerSafe™, a built-in, 10-second power reserve to protect against data loss from inadvertent power loss.

One pioneering accessory exclusive to the 688 is the optional SL-6 powering and wireless system, which accepts up to three dual-channel slot-in receivers. When using the 688 with the SL-6, production sound mixers now have the benefit of cable-free powering, audio interconnection, and antenna distribution. The SL-6, a recent CAS Technical Achievement Award winner, uses SuperSlot™ technology. Developed by Sound Devices in collaboration with leading wireless manufacturers, SuperSlot is regarded as the industry’s first non-proprietary, open and wireless control and interfacing standard. Slide SuperSlot-compatible wireless receivers into the SL-6 and enjoy fully integrated receiver control and monitoring direct from the 688’s LCD. With its NP1 battery slot, USB charging port, two 12-V isolated outputs and two non-isolated direct battery outputs, the SL-6 is also an ideal powering hub for peripheral devices.

In addition to working with the 688, the optional CL-12 accessory can be connected to any field production mixer in the Sound Devices 6-Series product line. The CL-12 linear fader controller expands each portable mixer’s capabilities with up to 12 100 mm linear faders, LED metering, and quick-access buttons to key functionality, making it ideal for live mixing of multiple audio signals. Attach the CL-12 to the 688, 664, or 633 via USB and the product transforms from a full-performance field mixer/recorder in a bag to a powerful mixing console and recording system for cart-based applications. With the CL-12, the 688 gains a 3-band parametric equalizer for all 12 inputs as well as MixAssist activity LEDs, and instant access to SuperSlot wireless receiver data when the SL-6 is attached. For all 6-Series mixers, transport controls as well as track arming, naming, and routing are just a button press away on the CL-12. Additionally, three user-programmable buttons offer customization, and USB ports for attaching a keyboard and lamp make metadata entry easier than ever before.

The CL-12 comes in two models: the standard CL-12 and the CL-12 Alaia™ (pronounced “ah-LIE-ah”), which features smooth-gliding Penny & Giles faders and custom Amish-made hardwood side panels in either Blonde Maple or Red Mahogany.

“Ultimately, the technologically advanced 6-Series line of mixers and accessories equips audio professionals with the power, performance, and versatility needed to make their high-pressure jobs more efficient and fun,” says Anderson.