Sound Devices Nominated for Prestigious CAS Award

The CL-12 Linear Fader Controller nominated for the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Award for Outstanding Product in Production.

REEDSBURG, WI, JANUARY 18, 2017 — Sound Devices is pleased to announce that the CL-12 Linear Fader Controller, an accessory for the 6-Series line of mixer/recorders, has been nominated for the 2016 Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Award for Outstanding Product in the Production category.

CL-12 Linear Fader Controller options

The CL-12 is available in two models: a standard model and the CL-12 Alaia™

“It’s a great honor to have a Sound Devices product recognized by the esteemed Cinema Audio Society,” says Matt Anderson, CEO of Sound Devices, LLC. “The CL-12 not only expands the mixing capabilities of any 6-Series mixer, it also allows sound professionals to move quickly and easily between over-the-shoulder and cart-based environments. It’s gratifying that the CL-12 has been so well-received by the professional sound community.”

The CL-12 provides full-sized 100 mm faders for 12 input channels, large sunlight-viewable 22-segment LED output level meters, and seven-segment LED pre- or post-fade metering. The CL-12 also offers easy keyboard metadata entry, illuminated push button controls for record start/stop, track arming, routing, naming, and much more. When used with the 688, the CL-12 also features a three-band parametric equalizer, shortcut controls for automatic mixing and wireless receiver monitoring and routing.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the CL-12 is its appearance. The product’s profile is a mere 11 x 15-inches, and it adds only five pounds to a sound mixer’s toolkit. Extremely sleek and stylish, the CL-12 is available in two models: a standard model and the CL-12 Alaia™. The key differentiating feature of the CL-12 Alaia is its silky-smooth Penny & Giles faders. Penny & Giles, is a manufacturer revered by the production sound community for engineering the smoothest faders in the industry. Another key feature of the CL-12 Alaia is its handmade hardwood side panels. The side panels are specially made by Amish craftsmen through Sound Devices partnership with J&E Custom Woodworks in Cashton, Wisconsin. The CL-12 Alaia is available in either blonde curly maple or red mahogany hardwood. The hardwood side panels are also a nostalgic nod to classic mixing consoles and wood-encased consumer electronics from the 1960s. The addition of wood adds a one-of-a-kind quality.

Connecting the CL-12 and the 688, 664 or 633 is quick and easy. A single USB cable delivers both power and control between the two units. A ¼-inch headphone cable provides both a low-noise path for the headphone signal, and a low-resistance ground connection for extra robustness in the event of static shock to the CL-12 chassis. The 664 and 633 require additional 5V power via a micro USB power cord that connects to the CL-12’s DC Boost Input port.

The Cinema Audio Society was formed in 1964 for the purpose of sharing information with sound professionals in the motion picture and television industry. Sound Devices has now been a recipient of the CAS Technical Achievement Award six times. The 744T, 788T, and 970 recorders, the 664 and 633 field production mixers, and the SL-6 powering and wireless accessory, are all past winners.