Sound Devices Releases A-15PIN Adapter for Sony Slot-In and A10-RX

REEDSBURG, WIS., FEBRUARY 24, 2021 – Sound Devices is pleased to announce the A-15PIN, an adapter for the A10-RX slot-in receiver that enables compatibility with Sony’s proprietary slot for wireless receivers. This collaboration between Sony and Sound Devices marks the first time a non-Sony wireless system is able to natively slot into Sony cameras and pass two channel digital audio with no extra cables. The A-15PIN is supported by new firmware, A10-RX v3.00.

Many Sony camcorders feature Sony’s proprietary slot, which was exclusively compatible with Sony DWX/UWP wireless slot-in receivers. The A-15PIN 15pin D-type cradle extends compatibility to the A10 Digital Wireless System. An A10-RX is affixed to the A-15PIN and then screwed to the wireless slot on the Sony camcorder or extension unit.

“We are very excited about the collaboration with Sony as it allows Audio Ltd A10-RX users to use their existing two channel digital receivers in Sony camcorder slots and extension units without the need for cumbersome external cables,” said Kishore Patel, VP of Sales at Sound Devices.

A10-RX version 3.00 is required to use the A-15PIN. To download A10-RX v3.00, visit

The newest update to companion application Mic2Wav, version 3.00, allows sound professionals to connect to their A10-RX in its A-15PIN via USB. This enables the transfer of User Group files and updating of the A10-RX. To download Mic2Wav v3.00, visit

To learn more about the A-15PIN, visit

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