Sound Devices Releases ASIO Driver for MixPre II Series, the First 32-Bit Float Hardware for Windows 10

REEDSBURG, WI, MARCH 16, 2020 – Sound Devices has released an ASIO driver capable of streaming 32-bit float USB audio to compatible DAWs on Windows 10.

The driver is compatible with the groundbreaking MixPre II Series, comprising the MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6 II, and MixPre-10 II audio recorders and USB audio interfaces. The MixPre II Series are the only USB audio interfaces that support cutting-edge 32-bit float recording and playback on MacOS Catalina and Windows 10. 32-bit float USB audio allows for unparalleled dynamic range and flexibility in a DAW.

Sound Devices continues to be at the forefront of 32-bit float audio, both in product and software development and in education. The company regularly publishes articles on the workings of 32-bit float, including an explanation of the MixPre II hardware that supports the feature. An analysis on the mathematical principles that allow 32-bit float to capture 1528 dB of dynamic range has been read over 6000 times. Sample files are available on the website for curious consumers. Similar content is available on Youtube for those who prefer video.

MixPre II Series users may download the new ASIO driver for Windows 10 at

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