SpeedDrive Gap-pad

“What is that sticky white pad in my SpeedDrive?”

Every SpeedDrive enclosure comes with a gap-pad, a thermally conductive cushion that helps dissipate heat.

Do not remove the gap-pad when installing the mSATA SSD into the SpeedDrive enclosure, or at any other point.

  • ProRes 4k video recording produces an extremely high data rate which produces quite a bit of heat no matter what recording medium is used.
  • The SpeedDrive enclosure is expressly designed to wick the heat away from the SSD via its thermally conductive gap-pad and heat sink.
  • Though the SpeedDrive can be very warm to the touch, this is by design. It keeps the SSD as cool as possible.
  • When operating in very hot environments, the PIX-E monitors will display an alert if the mSATA drive is approaching maximum operating temperatures. These alerts may appear more frequently if the gap-pad is removed.

For these reasons, Sound Devices Customer Support strongly recommends that you do not remove the gap-pad.