Wave Agent

Designed for Production Sound Mixers and Post Production Editors, Wave Agent provides a comprehensive and indispensable range of tools for preparing audio files for problem-free passage through complex production workflows. Available for Mac and Windows.

Wave Agent - Downloads

Wave Agent User Guide (1.32 MB)

Wave Agent and Wave Agent Classic is available as a no-charge download for either Mac OS or Windows.

1.20 - Present Release

  • new - Support for up to 32 channel Wave Files.
  • fix - Fixes Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) graphics issues.

1.17 - Released March 21, 2012

  • new - Ability to drag playback slider during playback.
  • new - Added support for Control Mode on 64-bit MAC and PC.
  • change - Qt framework now packaged inside the installed bundle to prevent overwrite of system installed Qt.
  • change - PDF Sound Report column widths optimized to allow for more space for Filename and Scene metadata.
  • fix - Renaming with '/' and '\' characters could cause files to disappear. These characters are now not permitted in the Scene and Take fields.

1.16 - Released July 25, 2011

  • fixed - iXML changes made by Wave Agent was causing WAV files to by unimportable in certain applications.
  • known issue - Renaming files with invalid characters (characters not supported in FAT32), such as "/ \ ( ; * ? " < > | )", may corrupt the file name and FAT entry. This can result in the file being invisible In Windows Explorer or showing as a 0 KB file in Mac Finder.

1.15 - Released July 17, 2010

  • new - Control Mode (Previously called Meter Mode) which allows access to the take list and metadata editing across all media on an attached 788T (2.10 firmware).
  • fixed - application startup time improved.

1.1 - Released March 12, 2010

  • new - 788T Meter Mode which provides for the ability to monitor the 788T's 12 track meters in real-time, plus the ability to view the 788T's time code generator display and control the REC/STOP transport in a dockable/undockable window.
  • new - numerous PDF Sound Report layout improvements including:
    • column notes option
    • column headers on every page
    • alternate row colors
    • option for general comments in report header plus other report header options including production company, boom op and microphone details
    • increased max. number of sound report columns to 18 to allow printing of more information
  • new - space bar shortcut for toggling play / pause
  • change - minimum recommended display resolution reduced to 1024 x 600 to support 10" netbook screens; improved transport and mixer window resizing
  • fixed - bug where tabbing from notes field wouldn't return directly back to take list
  • fixed - bug where Track Names were updated in iXML but not in bEXT
  • fixed - read/edit problems with files that have an odd number of samples

1.07 - Released January 09, 2009

  • added - time code value editing and insertion
  • added - CSV export option for sound reports

1.06 - Released November 25, 2008

  • added - 12-track file support
  • fixed - playback noise with some external audio interfaces
  • change - import speed improvements

1.05 - Released October 24, 2008

  • added - track name and function editing.
  • added - full 10-track support including playback, editing, mixing, sound report creation and splitting/combining.
  • added - now imports files with the .bwf file extension.
  • fixed - Bug which prevents installation under a user-account on a Mac. Admin password validation is now required.
  • fixed - 'Layout0' error messages no longer appear on Mac.
  • fixed - Application icon no longer automatically appears in Mac OS dock after installation.
  • fixed - Compatibility problem with Cantar files in Mac version.
  • fixed - Bug where playing back a mono file would play back other mono takes simultaneously.
  • fixed - Using the "=" character in the notes field does not make preceding text disappear.


  • original release