Wave Agent on Linux

Wine is a Windows application loader for the Linux operating system with a well-established history. Using wine, it is possible to install and run the Windows version of Wave Agent beta on Linux, with a few limitations. Wine is available in the official repositories of most popular Linux distributions.

Wave Agent installs with no issues (And runs with very few issues) using Wine. If you have Wine installed on your Linux machine, download the Windows version of Wave Agent and place it in the Wine directory structure. Running the installer from that location will install Wave Agent and add it to your list of Wine applications. From there, you can run Wave Agent as any other application. Testing has shown that WAV files must be imported by moving them into the Wine directory structure and then using Wave Agent's Import command from the File menu (Drag-and-drop functionality is not supported). Once the desired files are imported, metadata editing, split / combine, and audio playback will work as expected.

Wave Agent beta is developed and distributed for Macintosh OS X and Windows OS. Its use under Wine is not officially supported. Testing was performed with Wine v1.13 and Wave Agent beta v1.07 (Windows) in Ubunt 8.10 and Fedora 10 (Both running the Gnome desktop environment).

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