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552 Field Mixer – Input Setup

Brief overview of input settings on Sound Devices 552 Field Mixer; including phantom, input gain, trim, pan, and high-pass control.


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552 Firmware v1.2

  • New
    • Input Mute from Mix. Using the front panel shortcut HP press + Input PFL an input can be removed from the Master Output bus. The input still appears at its direct output and if selected as an option for AES output.
  • Changed
    • Input PFL now indicated with a flashing yellow input LED. Original indication was solid yellow.
    • In the absence of a time code signal, timecode & speed related metadata is not written. This is to prevent Final Cut Pro from introducing unintended sound file speed changes. The 552 continues to write the time-of-day value as a start time code stamp in bEXT when when time code is absent.

552 Firmware v1.1

  • New
    • Split ear return metering
    • Record timecode-to-track feature
    • Auto record feature - on timecode advance
    • Record-pause feature
    • Take counter reset hot key. (PFL5 + Stop + Battery Check) Stop Mode Only
    • Polarity reverse hot key sequence timeout so the user can execute function with one hand
    • Slate mic to output on digital outputs if they are enabled.
    • Time remaining on card announcements starting at 15 minutes
  • Changed
    • Slate mic is now available during file playback
    • File/folder navigation; press play on a folder now plays the first file in folder
    • Record time remaining notice is now available while recording
    • Tone is deactivated when entering the Setup Menu and other menus using SVEN
    • Meter ballistics (VU + Peak) added
    • Default metering now VU + Peak Hold
    • MP3 file metadata
    • Increase in SVEN output level
    • Recorder now activates when in the Setup Menu
  • Fixed
    • some SD Cards where not being recoginized on power up
    • numerous Return A/B metering problems
    • returns A/B gain when tone is active
    • slate and tone bug, where the inputs where not muted when the tone plays
    • digital output interruption when record is pressed
    • the slate and tone ouput on the 3.5mm jack with All Call when Talk back mode is enabled
    • 2 GB SD card formatting
    • several SVEN issues with loss of voice
    • the tone staying on the meters when the returns are activated
    • the input limiter indication when inputs are linked

552 Gain Control Topology

To provide the extensive control and flexibility provided by the 552, its high-performance analog circuitry is infused with numerous control types. Digital control of analog signals provides the circuit designer with the power to offer features that analog alone can't offer. The mix of different control types for gain in the 552 include analog potentiometers, digital potentiometers, analog switches, micro-relays, and physical switches. Each location in the circuit where gain is controlled is described below.


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552 or 7-Series Recorder?

The introduction of the 552 mixer brings a powerful new feature to field mixers, a high-quality integrated audio recorder. It is unquestionably convenient to have a built-in recorder with a field mixer. With the addition of its recorder, one question that comes up is whether the 552 can be substituted in place of a 7-Series recorder. The short answer is...yes...and no.


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