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633 Firmware v4.01

  • Fixed
    • Wingman meter response is sluggish when WM-Connect is connected to the CL-12 Keyboard port.
    • Fixed in Wingman v1.01:
      • Wingman meter response is sluggish when WM-Connect is connected to the CL-12 Keyboard port.
      • Wingman display and metadata errors with 6-Series after the app has been brought in and out of Standby Mode.
      • iPad Pro 12.9” minor display issue in the Devices Found page.
      • Intermittent issue where Track Arm status shows incorrect state at sample rates 88.2kHz and above.
      • Track arming display inconsistencies.
    • NOTE: Requires updating the Wingman app to v1.01. It is important that, before launching Wingman, the 6-Series mixer is running v4.01 and the Wingman app on the iOS device is updated to v1.01

633 Firmware v4.00

  • New
    • Support for Wingman, an iOS application by Sound Devices, LLC and the hardware accessory, WM-Connect, a Bluetooth® Smart USB dongle.
      • Wingman is a free iOS application available as a download from the Apple® App Store.
      • WM-Connect is an optional hardware accessory that connects to the 688 USB Port via USB B to USB A adapter or directly to CL-12 Keyboard port. The Bluetooth Smart device automatically pairs with mobile devices running iOS v8.0 or later.
    • From the Wingman app, you can:
      • Remotely control Record, Stop, False Take, and Circle commands
      • View Audio Metering, Timecode, Absolute time, Record Status, and more
      • Arm/Disarm Tracks for recording and manage track naming
      • Edit metadata of upcoming, current, and up to 50 previous recorded takes, including: scene, take, notes, track names, etc.
      • Manage, Create, and Email Sound Reports
  • Fixed
    • Pressing Meters button from Take List>Take Edit screen returns UI to the wrong MeterView.
    • Reduced the likelihood of unit locking up when powering down.
    • Reduced the likelihood of date/time corruption.

Products Mentioned

Products Mentioned

633 Firmware v3.10

  • New
    • Support for 3rd party wireless control, timecode and metadata management including:
      • Timecode Systems :WAVE and PureBlend’s MovieSlate® iOS app
      • Ambient® Master Lockit.
    • New menu option to disable the CL-12 Output level controls (L, R, X1 and X2). Options for MENU > CL-12 > L-X2 Gain Pots include: Enable or Disable.
    • Take Designator can now be set to any alpha character or ‘-‘ (T is default) in MENU > FILE STORAGE > Take Designator.
  • Changed
    • Behavior to PFL action when in Input Settings > Edit Channel # Name screen. Now when selecting the same PFL, the track name reverts to the previous entry and returns to the Input Settings screen. Selecting another PFL cancels name changes and provides immediate entry to the new channel’s Input Settings screen.
    • While recording, the Take List’s Circle option for the Current Take is no longer available.
  • Fixed
    • Arming paired LR or X1/X2 tracks using the CL-12 LR, X1/X2 pots did not correctly operate on the pairs.
    • Track Name entries from Input Settings Window would not hold if that track name already existed.
    • Channels turned off from the CL-12 were reverting back to On after a power cycle.
    • Some channel fader values, if attenuated to -infinity after power down, are not correctly applied after powering unit on.
    • CL-12 Mix Bus Track LEDs could get out of sync when linked.