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702T Firmware v2.34

  • New
    • 47952 and 47952F sampling rates. 47952F mode records at 47952 and stamps files at 48 kHz.
    • MP3-file format recording at numerous data rates
    • MP2 file format recording at numerous data rates
    • FLAC file format recording and playback
    • Input gain to infinite attenuation option (Setup Menu selected)
  • Changed
    • Media speed test improved. Speed testing for all available drives combined into one menu option. All active drives are tested at different sampling rates and routings.
    • Multiple linked units now record with sample-accurate start and stop times, making file management easier in post production
  • Fixed
    • Long CF shutdown time
    • AES3-id digital output one sample offset between left to right.
    • AES3-id bit stream is incorrectly formatted in consumer mode high-pass filter clipping gain accuracy improved, better match between actual gain and displayed gain files can played back when selected from the Setup Menu (bug introduced in 2.15)

RF Emissions and the 702, 722, and 744T Recorders


Note: While this article mentions Lectrosonics products specifically, the facts and solutions apply generally to most professional wireless receivers.

Sound Devices 702, 722, and 744T hard disk recorders have broken new ground for size and performance of modern digital audio recorders. As with the introduction of many new product categories, however, some things that were taken for granted in the past may have to be re-thought moving forward. One area where the modern recorder is different than that of earlier generations is in its use of computing power.


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702 or 722 Upgrade to Time Code


Is there, or will there be a possibility to upgrade the 702 or 722 to time code in the future?


It is not possible to upgrade the 702 or 722 to include time code. They have unique circuit boards. If time code is a required feature, consider the 702T, 744T, or the 788T, which include time code.

Products Mentioned

702T Firmware v2.15

  • New
    • Ability to delete unrecognized file types
  • Changed
    • Error codes more descriptive
    • Dash and underscore take separators back in
  • Fixed
    • WAV file headers now end in even byte words for proper importation into ProTools and Avid
    • Reformatting drive does not delete dynamic lists (scene names, folder)

702T Firmware v2.10

  • Changed
    • Full screen error warnings during recording. Note: media will flash in drive info location if off-line
    • Removed system indications and stack warning indications
  • Fixed
    • Intermittent lockup when daily folders are set and new day is generated on power-up
    • Lockup with external DVD-RAM drives in vertical position going off-line; recorder now drops a failed external drive if media goes off line
    • Lockup using the CL-1 when Ctrl-H and Ctrl-C are pressed in a specific setup
    • Lockup when no CF is inserted but unit is hooked to PC
    • Lockup when v2.09 changes between FireWire drive and FireWire host mode
    • Take numbers now increment correctly when false takes are generated an invalid path error during file copying

702T Firmware v2.09

  • New
    • Low-cut and phantom control can now be linked. When you
    • choose link mode, Ch2 is forced to Ch1 making them linked. Front panel
    • Ch1 shortcut toggles Ch1 and forces Ch2 to Ch1. All other operations
    • work the same. Note that low-cut and phantom are not permanently linked i.e. once channels are linked, low-cut and phantom can be individually set for each channel.
    • Folder options menu with folders/subfolders for project, daily, scene, and name-your-own folder .
    • Now prompted to generate new daily folder (for users who are on a set over midnight). Before creating a new daily folder, the unit checks to see if one exists for the previous day. If so, it prompts the user to see if they want to create a new one.
  • Changed
    • The SOUNDDEV folder is now hidden from the File Viewer. It still appears when connected to a computer.
    • “Firewire Connection” menu option has been moved up the list. It is now menu item #2.
    • DVD-RAM speed improvements. Improved reliability with 3X media over the 5X requirement of previous revisions.
  • Fixed
    • Scene name menu bug fix.
    • Sample rate stamping; the SR was stamped incorrectly if <REC> was pressed after playing back a file recorded at a different sample rate. This bug existed for all previous versions of firmware.
    • Frame rate update on main screen after playing 48048F file.