Thank You, POL Teknik

Sound Devices, LLC offers appreciation to longtime Swedish distributor.

Through a chance encounter between two companies at the IBC Show in 2000, Sound Devices, LLC and the Stockholm-based POL Teknik built a 15-year partnership that brought production audio and video equipment to professionals across Sweden. In 2015, POL Teknik owners Pär Lindström and Åke Karlsson made the difficult decision to close their doors.

“We were incredibly fortunate to have partnered with such a professional, reputable company in POL Teknik,” said Matt Anderson, CEO, Sound Devices, LLC. “As our distributor in Sweden, POL Teknik helped us establish a wonderful, loyal customer-base in a country well-known as an industry leader. We would like to offer our wholehearted gratitude to Pär and Åke for all they’ve done, and wish them both all the best in their future endeavours.”

Owners Åke Karlsson and Pär Lindström

POL Teknik and Sound Devices enjoyed many years of success together —2013 being the most successful year with over 2.4 million SEK in sales. Together, they served passionate customers, as well as some high-profile ones, from former members of the pop group ABBA to popular television sitcoms.

“We sold several PIX 240is for the Swedish version of the TV series “The Office,” said Lindström. “The production crew used four PIX 240i’s on set at all times to record the action.” In addition to all the success, the partnership between POL Teknik and Sound Devices will be remembered as one built on mutual respect.

“We have had a really good relationship with Sound Devices. Every year Sound Devices got more and more efficient, which resulted in happy customers,” said Lindström. “After all these years, there were never any problems, which is amazing. It has been a pleasure working with them.”

The pleasure and honor was ours.