The “Five Channel” 302 Mixer

The 302 has three full-featured inputs, selectable between mic and line level. When additional inputs are needed, such as for additional wireless receivers or for stereo playback, the 3.5 mm Return connector can be reassigned as an input connector for channels 4 and 5. This feature is selected in the Setup Menu. Several options are available for inputs 4 and 5. These inputs can be sent to the either the left, right, or both left and right output buses. The sensitivity of inputs 4 and 5 is controlled by the trim control adjacent to the 3.5 mm connector. This unbalanced input is suitable for tape or line level devices only. There are no microphone preamps on inputs 4 and 5. Below is a diagram illustrating relevant items on the 302's output panel when Inputs 4 and 5 are engaged.

  1. RTN L and RTN R (Inputs 4 and 5) Trim Pots - These potentiometers will attenuate the sensitivity of channels 4 and 5.
  2. RTN (Channel 4 and 5) Input - Unbalanced stereo 3.5-mm input connector for return monitor audio. 3.5-mm wired tip = left, ring = right, sleeve = ground. This connection is used for inputs 4 & 5 when selected in Setup Menu.
  3. Channel 4 and 5 Activation LED - This LED will illuminate when the return input has been switched to input 4 and 5 via the 302 Setup Menu.

Useful Links

  • Remote Audio Sound Devices 302 Channel 4 & 5 Cable - pre-made cable connecting the 3.5 mm input to two female XLR connectors

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