Track-to-Media Assignments Introduced in 788T Firmware 1.71

Firmware revision 1.71 for the 788T/788T-SSD recorders introduces powerful new control over the selection of recording tracks sent to recording media. Any recording track, from the 12 available, can be recorded to any recording media (CompactFlash, internal drive, or external FireWire drive). This means that each of the available recording media can be recorded with unique track configurations.

Assignment of track-to-media is controlled in the new Track-to-Media View within the Track Setup Window. This is very powerful for applications where only select tracks need to be recorded to deliverable media.

Workflow Example

Below is an example of a setup with the 788T where the recorder is recording a two-track stereo mix and eight isolated tracks for a total of ten tracks. In this example, Picture Editorial wants only a two-track mix for "dailies" and Sound Editorial requires individual, isolated tracks. Without the flexibility of Track-to-Media assignments, all ten tracks would be recorded to all media simultaneously. Breaking out the mix tracks and iso tracks would require a file utility, such as Wave Agent, to separate the tracks into unique files. With the new track-to-media assignment the 788T user can now select which tracks are recorded to each media. Instead of a single ten-track file, the 788T can simultaneously record the two-mix to DVD-RAM using the XL-DVDRAM and record the eight iso tracks to CompactFlash. Additionally, all ten tracks can be recorded to the internal drive for reference.

Input-to-Track Routing

Track-to-Media Routing

Assigning Tracks to Media

Unless changed by the user, all tracks are assigned to all available media. Tracks are only recorded to a given media if the media is selected in the Setup Menu option REC: MEDIA SELECT, regardless of the Track-to-Media routing status. Perform the following steps to independently assign tracks to a given media.

  1. Enter the Track Setup Window by pressing the INPUT key.
    788T Track Setup Window
  2. Press the soft MEDIA (Fast Forward) key to enter the Track-to-Media View.
  3. 788T Track-to-Media View
  4. Use the Multi-Function Rotary Switch to navigate through the track-to-media assignments. Tracks will be recorded to any media that is displayed next to the track. Please note that tracks must be armed and the media must be selected in the Setup Menu option REC: MEDIA SELECT. In the illustration above, the external hard drive will only write Tracks L and R.
  5. Push the Multi-Function Rotary Switch to toggle the routing status of a media.

The media status on the Main Display toggles between Remaining Time and Track Count when the given media is set to receive less than the full amount of armed tracks.

For more information on routing tracks to media, consult the 788T User Guide.

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