Uninstalling the MixPre ASIO Driver

Sometimes it’s necessary to uninstall an ASIO driver to update to a new driver or to troubleshoot issues. Please follow these steps in sequential order or your ASIO driver will not be successfully deleted.

  1. To begin uninstalling the driver, go to the Windows Start button and search Device Manager. Start the application. You will see the following window:
  1. Expand “Sound, video and game controllers” and select the ASIO driver for your audio interface. Note the current ASIO version number in the driver name.
  1. Right-click on your driver and select “Uninstall Device.” 
  1. The following pop-up will appear. Click “Delete the driver software for this device.” Then, click “Uninstall.”
  1. In the main “Device Manager” window, expand “Universal Bus Series Controllers.” Note that there is also an ASIO file here. Select that driver, then repeat steps 3-4 for this file.
  1. After removing both files, restart your computer. You can navigate back to Device Manager after restarting to verify that the ASIO driver is no longer present.

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