Updating 664 Firmware with the PIX Loader Utility

Although the software references the PIX Video recorders by name, the PIX Loader utility can also be used to update the 664's firmware. This alternate method for updating 664 firmware can be used when no SD or CF cards are available. To update the 664's firmware using the PIX Loader utility:

  1. If you haven't previously done so, Download the PIX Loader utility for Windows. Otherwise skip to step 2.

    • Extract the PIX_Loader_1.0_Install.exe from the downloaded .zip file.
    • Double-click the installer to begin the installation process. A UAC (User Account Control) dialog may appear asking your permission to allow the installer to run. Allow it.
    • The InstallShield wizard will guide you through selecting an install location and actually installing the Pix Loader utility. When finished, the PIX Loader utility will be located in the Windows Start Menu
  2. Connect the 664 to external DC power. Optionally, AA batteries can also be inserted to ensure stable powering during the firmware update process. Do not perform the update with low batteries or unstable power sources.
  3. Turn the 664 off.
  4. Using a USB standard A to standard B cable, attach the standard B plug to the jack on the 664 (near the SD and CF card slots) and attach the standard A plug to a working standard A jack on the computer.
  5. Press and hold the HP Encoder while sliding the Power Switch to EXT (right). This will boot the 664 into a special diagnostic mode. The Power LED will illuminate and the LCD screen will remain blank.
  6. Open the PIX Loader software. Ignore the instructions displayed in PIX Loader's main window, as they refer specifically to the PIX Video recorders and not the 664.
  7. Press the Browse button and locate the 664 firmware file (which will have an extension of  ".prg"). Highlight the file and press Open.
  8. Press the Program button to begin the update. Do not remove any cables or close the PIX Loader utility until this process is complete.
  9. When the utility is finished, unplug the USB cable from the 664 before rebooting the 664. The firmware is now updated.

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