USB Hub Support

All MixPre, MixPre-M and MixPre II Series models running firmware v5.00 or higher support USB hubs. USB hubs allow you to simultaneously connect multiple USB devices, such as USB control surfaces, keyboards, and USB drives (MixPre II Series, MixPre-10T, and MixPre-10M only). 

Sound Devices recommends wall-powered USB hubs, which deliver appropriate current. If using a bus-powered hub, we recommend connecting three or fewer low-power devices.

To use a USB hub, connect an empty hub to the MixPre’s USB-A port. Once the hub is connected, add USB devices to the hub one at a time. Connecting a hub that already has devices plugged in to the MixPre could result in unpredictable behavior of the connected USB devices.

We recommend powering the MixPre using an L-mount battery or wall power. If the MixPre is powered only with AA batteries, the Mixpre will not power the USB hub. Also, if the MixPre enters low power mode, the USB-A port will be disabled, and the USB hub will no longer function.

Additionally, please note the following: 

  • Use a high-quality USB-C to USB-C cable when powering from a USB-C power source, preferably 3 feet or shorter. Low-quality USB-C cables have a higher impedance and could cause unstable behavior. 
  • If bus powering the MixPre via USB-C, ensure the MixPre is receiving enough power to not enter low power mode.
  • If devices unmount, there is not enough current to power all of the attached devices. Remove one or more devices, or use a wall-powered hub.
  • Only one USB controller can be used at a time.
  • Only one USB drive can be used at a time (MixPre II, MixPre-10T, and MixPre-10M only).
  • We can’t guarantee that every hub on the market will function properly.