USBPre Playback Artifacts

Q: I get occasional "clicking" from the USBPre outputs during playback. I downloaded the latest drivers but there was no performance change. Anything I can do?

A: There are two sides to the USBPre, input and output. The input path is the primary feature of the USBPre and the one which takes the majority of bus powering from a USB hub. The USBPre input is a discrete solution, using high quality AKM A/D converters. It performs well in typical computing platforms. Playback is generated directly from the USBPre's Philips USB audio codec using the chip's built-in D/A converter. Philips has acknowledged a known bug in this part used in the USBPre. The bug manifests as a low level, periodic audible tick. The tick occurs an random intervals. In the best optimized system, this low-level tick may occur once or twice every minute. In general, audio program masks the click, but in some situations, this click can be objectionable.

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