Wireless Remote Control Now Supported by the 6-Series

With the purchase of third-party hardware and software, firmware version 3.10 supports iOS and web-based remote control for the 688, 664 and 633.

REEDSBURG, WISCONSIN, JULY 5, 2016 — Sound Devices, LLC, announces that Firmware Version 3.10 for its 6-Series line of mixer/recorders (688, 664, and 633) now provides third-party support for wireless remote transport control, metadata editing and other enhanced workflow functionality via mobile devices with touchscreen interfaces. In collaboration with Timecode Systems and PureBlend Software, as well as Ambient® Recording and Lockit Network GmbH, users now have the ability to display and manage metadata for takes recorded on 6-Series mixer/recorders through the purchase of third-party software and hardware. Metadata management includes editing scene names, takes, notes, and track names, plus the ability to create sound reports from within the mobile device app.

Version 3.10 supports remote control of 6-Series mixers via iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch – through Timecode Systems :wave and PureBlend’s MovieSlate® app. The update also supports web-based wireless remote control (via any web-enabled device such as a smartphone) for the 6-Series through Ambient Recording’s ACN Network System. With either system, a simple connection to the 6-Series mixers’ USB port — or to Sound Devices’ CL-12 linear fader controller’s USB keyboard port — can improve a creative team’s workflow. Both options also allow for control of record, start, stop, as well as setting false takes, circling takes, and arming tracks.

“Our customers have been requesting wireless remote control integration for the 6-Series, so we’re thrilled to deliver multiple third-party options with this firmware release,” says Matt Anderson, CEO of Sound Devices. “Wireless remote control has become the norm in so many aspects of our professional lives. These new wireless capabilities provide the benefit of large touchscreen GUIs, which will surely make for greater convenience and flexibility on-set and in the field.”

Connect the Ambient ACN-ML Master Lockit (v4.10 or later) to a 6-Series mixer/recorder to add wireless remote control from any WiFi-enabled computer or mobile device with a browser. The Master Lockit is the control center of the ACN timecode and metadata network. Acting as the network central hub, it enables remote control of all ACN units on set via browser on any WiFi capable device.

The iOS wireless remote control integration requires the :wave (v3.38 or later) from Timecode Systems, a highly accurate timecode and genlock generator with integrated RF transceiver and WiFi. Alongside the :wave, a user’s iOS device must have the MovieSlate app (v8.5 or later) installed with its Sound Dept PRO feature, an in-app purchase, by PureBlend Software.

Although the wireless systems do not initiate sound reports on the mixers, they can create sound reports from their own applications’ database. For timecode, both the :wave and Master Lockit require connection to the mixer via a 5-pin Lemo® cable.

“We’re pleased to continue collaboration with industry partners to help our customers achieve more with our field mixer/recorders,” adds Anderson. “We can now provide 6-Series users with choices for easy wireless control to view and edit metadata, and much more – all from their smartphones and tablets.”

Additional Firmware v3.10 features include a new menu that lets users customize the take designator of the file name for any of the 6-Series mixer/recorders. For the 688, its slate mic now has 20 dB of added gain (adjustable from 0 to 56 dB in 1 dB increments).

The new firmware also includes improvements for some 6-Series accessories. When a CL-12 is attached to any 6-Series mixer, there is a new sub-menu option that lets users disable the rotary output level controls for L, R, X1, and X2 to avoid accidental changes in level. For the 688, with an SL-6 attached, there is also a new SL-6 sub-menu option that allows unused receiver slots in the SL-6 to be powered off via the 688 interface, thus saving power. Additional 688/SL-6 updates include a new option for the SuperSlot-compatible Lectrosonics SRc. Users can now put SRc receivers in IR Sync mode directly from the 688, thereby allowing syncing of transmitter frequency to receiver frequency.