XL-AES Assembly

To install the XL-AES, do the following:

Remove the connector cover on the top of the 8-Series mixer-recorder by prying up gently to break the magnetic connection.

If you are installing the XL-AES on a Scorpio, peel and stick the included gasket to the bottom of the XL-AES before mating with the Scorpio.

Align the connector on the bottom of the unit with the proper connector on the top panel of the host mixer/recorder.

Carefully push the XL-AES onto the host mixer with care and attention to the alignment of the connectors. There will be no gap between the XL-AES and the host mixer/recorder when installed properly.

Using the included screws, attach the XL-AES to the host mixer-recorder. On the 833 and 888, the longer 25mm screws go in the front two holes. On Scorpio, the longer screws go in the back. Use the two remaining 8mm screws to cover the unused holes in the XL-AES.

Attach the connector cover to the bottom for safekeeping.

Final Results

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