Introducing the
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Epic battles, memorable characters and the sounds that bring Game of Thrones to life! Emmy award-winning sound mixer, Ronan Hill, CAS, reveals how he captures such incredible audio for the critically-acclaimed HBO series.

Codemasters' audio team revs up the realism with
Sound Devices MixPre-6 trackside while capturing the
incredible sounds of Formula One racing for their
award-winning videogame franchise.

"I'm working in these extreme working conditions...
I put it (the 6-Series mixer) in the bag,
I strap it on, and it works...
I'm very happy with how it's performed."
- Chris Duesterdiek, CAS on set of The Revenant

"I wanted something that would be able to handle more tracks.
Now that I'm using a 970, it's like, 'Oh yeah! There's way
more options out there!' I joke that the 970 is my dream machine."
- Amanda Beggs, CAS

Czech sound mixer, Ivo Repčík, scales
one of the world's highest mountains
Gasherbrum II – on expedition with
Sound Devices MixPre-6.



A cardboard box labeled 'Sound Devices'
started the journey to excellence in sound quality.