Elevate Your Kit

Designed specifically for the sound professional’s workflow, the Scorpio, 888, and 833 excel in any production scenario. Each portable mixer-recorder possesses unprecedented recording power, a fully-customizable routing matrix, and a rugged, efficient interface.

Welcome to the 8-Series.

The 8-Series

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Preamplifiers 16
Channels 32
Tracks 36
Buses 12
Analog Outputs 12
Dante I/O 32
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Preamplifiers 8
Channels 16
Tracks 20
Buses 10
Analog Outputs 8
Dante I/O 16
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Preamplifiers 6
Channels 10
Tracks 12
Buses 6
Analog Outputs 6
Dante I/O -


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Streamline your bag with the SL-2 Dual SuperSlot Wireless Module. This two slot-in wireless receiver integration system easily mounts to the top panel of any 8-Series mixer-recorder.

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Bespoke linear fader control surface for Scorpio and 888. Features 16 silky-smooth faders, 16 dedicated trims, and a glorious panoramic LCD.

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Companion app for Android and iPad. Features transport control, metadata editing, a large metering and timecode display, and the ability to configure and email Sound Reports.

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Provides 6 channels of integrated wireless for Scorpio. SL-RISER required for SL-6 connection.

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Provides 8 channels of AES3 audio connectivity through four heavy-duty TA3F input jacks.