8-Series v.3.10 Featuring XL-AES Support, USB Audio, and More Now Available

REEDSBURG, WIS., DECEMBER 17, 2019 – Sound Devices announces firmware version 3.10 for the 8-Series Portable Mixer-Recorders, consisting of the Scorpio, 888, and 833. Firmware version 3.10 includes support for the new XL-AES 8 Channel AES3 Input Expander, USB audio input and output, graphical EQ screen, improvements to Sound Reports, reduction in power consumption, and more.

The XL-AES is an optional accessory for the Scorpio, 888, and 833 that provides 8 channels of AES3 audio connectivity through four heavy-duty TA3F input jacks. The accessory mounts directly to the expansion port on the mixer-recorder’s top panel and features a rugged milled aluminum enclosure for years of reliable use. Any of the 8 audio channels may be routed to any channel on the mixer-recorder through the standard channel routing matrix. The XL-AES ships to dealers worldwide on December 17th.

Additionally, in 3.10, all 8-Series mixer-recorders can now act as USB interfaces with two channels of audio in and out. A new graphical EQ screen provides sound professionals with a visual representation of their EQ settings.

Other changes include improvements to Sound Reports, auto-mute of outputs in certain transport states (Play, Stop, Record), and various stability enhancements.8-Series users may upgrade to v3.10 by visiting the Sound Devices Downloads Page at https://www.sounddevices.com/download/

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