Announcing v2.90 for the A10 Digital Wireless System and Mic2Wav

REEDSBURG, WIS., APRIL 2, 2020 – Sound Devices is pleased to announce firmware version 2.90 for the Audio Ltd A10 Digital Wireless System and its companion Mic2Wav and A10-TX Remote applications. Firmware 2.90 features key improvements for both production and post-production. Most notably, the companion application Mic2Wav introduces the “Conform to CSV” feature, which converts audio files recorded on an A10-TX to WAV files using a CSV sound report from a MixPre Series, 6-Series, or 8-Series mixer-recorder.

“The ‘Conform to CSV’ feature saves a considerable amount of time in post-production by extracting only relevant bits of a MIC file based on what was captured on the production’s mixer-recorder. Important metadata like Scene, Take, Tape, and more is copied from the sound report to the converted WAV file,” said Nicholas Vandrush, Director of Marketing.

Additionally, the A10-RX now features expanded RF indication: the A10-RX’s red LED illuminates and the screen displays ‘RF Overload’ when the incoming signal is too strong. Reducing RF power on the transmitter, increasing the distance between TX and RX, or applying attenuation to the antenna system in use will correct the overload.

The A10-TX transmitter and the A10-TX Remote companion application also received performance improvements.

To read a full list of changes, and download firmware for the A10-TX and A10-RX, visit

To download version 2.90 for Mic2Wav and A10-TX Remote, visit and

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