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Firmware Updates for Pre-2.0 Hardware

Q: I have an early 744T, 722, 702T, or 702 recorder which has not yet been factory-updated with “2.0-ready” updates. Can I run firmware revisions later than 1.74 on it?

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Editing Metadata on Multiple 7-Series Recorders

Q: I have a couple questions about the CL-1: Can I use ONE keyboard to enter metadata on multiple 7-Series even if it needs to be entered physically twice? Can the CL-1 be used to control transport of both machines? I am assuming this is possible…

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DVD-RAM Media Used in the XL-DVDRAM

Q: I’m running an XL-DVDRAM with my 702T, and am using it to copy/back-up the files I record on the 702T. I noticed that you recommend 5X DVD-RAMs for this, but that 3X would work.

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MS Stereo with 442 & 302 Mixers

Both the 442 and 302 field mixers can decode MS stereo microphone signals. Depending on your workflow you can decide to decode the MS stereo signal in one of two ways:

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Long Initial Start Up of T-Power Supply

Q: Why does the T-powering on my 302 take so long to start up? Is there something wrong with my mixer?

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RF Emissions and the 702, 722, and 744T Recorders

Note: While this article mentions Lectrosonics products specifically, the facts and solutions apply generally to most professional wireless receivers. Sound Devices 702, 722, and 744T hard disk recorders have broken new ground for size and performance of modern digital audio recorders. As with the introduction of many new product categories, however, some things that were […]

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