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RF Emissions and the 702, 722, and 744T Recorders

Note: While this article mentions Lectrosonics products specifically, the facts and solutions apply generally to most professional wireless receivers. Sound Devices 702, 722, and 744T hard disk recorders have broken new ground for size and performance of modern digital audio recorders. As with the introduction of many new product categories, however, some things that were […]

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FireWire Hot-Plugging Precaution

Sound Devices strongly recommends shutting down equipment before connecting to or from any FireWire device with a connection that carries power (6-pin). Reports have come to our attention of isolated problems when hot-plugging IEEE 1394 (FireWire) devices. (Hot-plugging refers to making the connections when one or more of the devices—including the computer—is on.)

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DVD+R and -R with the XL-DVDRAM

Sound Devices accessory XL-DVDRAM multi-drive attaches directly to 7-Series recorders. When connected to the 7-Series, only DVD-RAM media is supported.

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High Capacity Hard Drives with the 7-Series

Q: Is there anything to watch out for when using high capacity (60, 80, 100 GB) hard drives?

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744T Upside Down

Changing the TOD / Time Code Battery for a 7-Series Recorder

Q: How do I change the internal AA time code/time-of-day battery on a 7-Series recorder? A: Changing the internal AA battery is a simple process outlined here in a step by procedure:

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Audio Performance and Interconnection with the Sony HDW-900 Video Camera

Sound Devices, with the assistance of Fletcher Chicago, performed complete, instrumented audio tests on Sony’s HDW-F900 HD Video camera. This testing was performed in response to inquiries from Sound Devices customers concerning interconnect and set-up with the F900 camera. Audio performance of several other popular (some now discontinued) Sony video cameras is included for comparison. […]

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