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FireWire Hot-Plugging Precaution

Sound Devices strongly recommends shutting down equipment before connecting to or from any FireWire device with a connection that carries power (6-pin). Reports have come to our attention of isolated problems when hot-plugging IEEE 1394 (FireWire) devices. (Hot-plugging refers to making the connections when one or more of the devices—including the computer—is on.)

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DVD+R and -R with the XL-DVDRAM

Sound Devices accessory XL-DVDRAM multi-drive attaches directly to 7-Series recorders. When connected to the 7-Series, only DVD-RAM media is supported.

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High Capacity Hard Drives with the 7-Series

Q: Is there anything to watch out for when using high capacity (60, 80, 100 GB) hard drives?

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744T Upside Down

Changing the TOD / Time Code Battery for a 7-Series Recorder

Q: How do I change the internal AA time code/time-of-day battery on a 7-Series recorder? A: Changing the internal AA battery is a simple process outlined here in a step by procedure:

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Audio Performance and Interconnection with the Sony HDW-900 Video Camera

Sound Devices, with the assistance of Fletcher Chicago, performed complete, instrumented audio tests on Sony’s HDW-F900 HD Video camera. This testing was performed in response to inquiries from Sound Devices customers concerning interconnect and set-up with the F900 camera. Audio performance of several other popular (some now discontinued) Sony video cameras is included for comparison. […]

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USBPre 1.5 Stand-Alone Operation

Q: Is it possible to operate a USBPre 1.5 without interfacing or connecting it to a computer (i.e. passing a 16 bit/48 kHz digital signal to a DAT deck via SPDIF)?

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