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Sound Devices’ WAV Files with Avid and Final Cut Pro

Q: Are your files compatible with Avid and Final Cut Pro and do you need an audio program to open them on a Mac?

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CL-1 Logic I/O Assignment

When a logic connection has been assigned as a logic output in the Setup Menu (CL-1: Logic Out Assign), it cannot also be assigned as an input until removing its output assignment.

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BWF Aware Software Applications

Q: I’ve made a bunch of recordings of interviews in Russia that the producer wants to have translated with time code. Unfortunately no one is familiar with broadcast wave audio files. I have found a program called Audacity, but it doesn’t read the time code. Are you familiar with any other programs on Mac or […]

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Battery Life of the 7-Series Recorders

Q: What is the battery life of these recorders?

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Navigation of Menus by Sightless (Blind) Users

Q: I’m a blind technician. Most digital recorders can’t be used by people with a visually handicap. The design of the buttons on the recorders is really wonderful and made for tactile use.

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Peak Limiter Attack Time

Q: While recording some foley FX with sharp transients, even with the limiter engaged I was still hitting getting close to 0 dBFS. I was under the impression that the limiter threshold was -6 dBFS (according to the manual). What am I seeing?

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